National Show on the Mutual Network

Two Ton's 15-minute afternoon show on WGN in Chicago was relayed to subscribing stations all over the country on the Mutual Radio Network. This show is from Aug. 1, 1947.

Tune for Today

Tune for Today, c. 1950, was a syndicated program that was distributed via "transcription disc": special 12" or even 16" discs that were sent to radio stations by mail to be played back at a later date. This show ran 4 1/2 minutes: a one-minute intro, a one-minute piano interlude for local announcements or commercials, then the tune for today.

Bonaparte's Retreat
Maria Elena
There'll Be Some Changes Made
Crosley disc label

The Crosley-Bendix Shows

In 1955, Two Ton made a series of at least 220 five-minutes shows for Crosley and Bendix, distributed via 12" and 16" transcription disc. Each "show" had a plug for the appliance, then a song, and then a transition to a local announcer or another song. Each disc had a closing theme track to be played at the end of each show. (Click on label at left for larger version.)

Dude Cowboy
Here Comes a Bluebird
76 disc label
The "76" Spots

In 1957, Two Ton made a batch of 36 60-second spot announcements for the American 76 Company of Skokie, Illinois, which made a lemon-lime soft drink, sold in green bottles, that obviously was competition for 7-Up. The jingles, presumably created by Two Ton, were clever parodies of popular songs, many with musical accompaniment. (Click on label at left for larger version.)

Big Noise from Winnetka
Sunday Barbecue
The Old Chisholm Trail
Two Ton at Mangam's Chateau, c. 1972
Two Ton Baker's Last Radio Interview

On his “Those Were the Days” show on WLTD on May 2, 1972, Chicago’s old time radio guru Chuck Schaden did a 15-minute telephone interview with Two Ton.

"Those Were the Days" is still on the air on WDCB 90.9 FM in Chicago and on the web at

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