Roll the Patrol record label Roll the Patrol (1949). Two Ton recorded this song in 1949, and then the it seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth until it came storming back in the 1990s in the hands of the world's traditional jazz bands. Sunflower record label Sunflower (1949). Russ Morgan's recording of "Sunflower" hit No. 5 on the charts for 1949; Frank Sinatra also recorded it. Near You record label Near You (1947). "Near You" was launched by the Andrews Sisters, but came around again later as a big hit for Tammy Wynette.
Zip-a-Dee Doo-Dah record label Zip-a-Dee Doo-Dah (1946). Featuring the mysterious vocalist "Little Emmy," who never again shows up on a Two Ton Baker recording. The Work Song from Cinderella record label The Work Song from Cinderella (1950) Kansas City Kitty record label Kansas City Kitty (1950)
Let's Do It Again record label Let's Do It Again (1950). Mercury left the composer credits off this one for some reason: Desmond O'Connor & Ray Hartley. Tubby the Tuba song record label Tubby the Tuba song (1950). Danny Kaye owned the franchise on Tubby; oddly, Two Ton's version uses a bassoon rather than a tuba for the "oom-pahs." Please Say Goodnight record label Please Say Goodnight to the Guy, Irene, with Jerry Murad's Harmonicats (1951). The Weavers and others made “Goodnight, Irene” a big hit in 1950, spawning several novelty retorts, including this one.
The Thing record label The Thing (1951). "The Thing" is one of the great novelty songs of all time. Phil Harris had the first big hit with it in late 1950, followed by Arthur Godfrey and by the Ames Broth­ers. This was Two Ton's last 78-rpm recording for Mercury. Marietta record label (I'm Afraid to Marry) Marietta, with orchestra conducted by Lew Douglas (1952?). Lew Douglas was active through the 1950s in pop and even doo wop and rock ’n’ roll, but these songs are a mystery. The Coral 78 is marked “Sample copy—not for sale.” Give Me Back record label Give Me Back (1952?). The flip side of Marietta, one of the sides Two Ton made for Coral after leaving Mercury.

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