Here Is Another Scrap Book Sketch of a Radio Favorite; Save It

Richard Evans Baker, known to his radio fans as "Two Ton Baker, the Music Maker," adds a dash of whimsy and clever rhythm to his new WGN-WGNB program scheduled at 1:30 p.m. five days each week. The behemoth cyclone of rhythm has been called "the world's largest radio entertainer."

Baker's piano playing style follows no set pattern, but rather is modeled to fit the mood of the tune, from swing to sweet. He is an able arranger and can transpose a number into any suitable key.

His theme song, "We Belong Together," is his own composition.

Two Ton is a Chicago product, born at 700 W. Van Buren st. He attended Morton High School in Berwyn and began his musical career by playing with the Charley Mack reviews on a tour.

During the war Baker entertained at service camps, hospitals, and bond rallies. He holds the honorary rank of colonel, awarded him for his tireless work at Gardiner General hospital, where he spent more than 200 hours entertaining service men.

Standing 6 feet 2 inches, Baker weighs more than 340 pounds. He has reddish brown curly hair and an infectious laugh. He is married and the father of two children, Richard Jr., whom he affectionately calls "Jughead," and Deborah Lynn, nicknamed "Flutterbug."

© Chicago Tribune, September 26, 1948

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