2 Hour Salute Begins at 7:45 p.m.


It's TV day at W-G-N today. WGN-TV, W-G-N's new television station, will have its premiere tonight. A special program entitled "WGN-TV Salute to Chicago," beginning at 7:45 p.m., will introduce the new million dollar video station to metropolitan area viewers. Some 16,000 family and other viewing groups are expected to be watching as WGN-TV inaugurates daily programming.

WGN-TV operates on television channel 9. Its effective radiated power is 30 kilowatts, which should assure televiewers within 45 miles of the transmitter atop the Daily News building, 400 Madison st., of clearer, sharper pictures than have been obtainable in Chicago. (Reception, of course, is contingent on having television receivers properly adjusted. In many cases this requires a check-up by a competent video service man.)

Two Hour Show Varied

The two hour premiere will include a dedicatory ceremony and a preview of the varied video fare WGN-TV plans for televiewers. Cameras will be trained at 7:45 p.m. on the entrance to the W-G-N Studio Theater on Michigan av., where Jack Brickhouse will be stationed to interview notables as they arrive.

At 8 p.m. the cameras will pick up the official opening ceremony from the studio theater. Speakers will be Col. Robert R. McCormick, editor and publisher of The Chicago Tribune; Gov. Green, and Mayor Kennelly.

Stars Will Parade

Lee Bennett, W-G-N singer and master of ceremonies, then will lead a parade of stars before the WGN-TV cameras. This lineup includes the Dorothy Hild Dancers and Gil Maison and his animal troupe from the Edgewater Beach hotel show; Tito Guizar, stage and screen tenor, now appearing at the Oriental theater; McCarthy and Farrell, disc jockey satirists, and Rosalind Courtright, songstress, appearing at the Empire room of the Palmer House.

Others to be presented: Dick (Two Ton) Baker, W-G-N entertainer; Bruce Foote, baritone of the Chicago Theater of the Air company; Georgie Gobel, rustic comedian of the Bismarck hotel show; Art Nelson and his marionettes, who are to be featured regularly on the station; Bob Hopkins, mimic; the Sensationalists, roller skaters; Maurice and Maryes, dance team, and the W-G-N orchestra and chorus conducted by Robert Trendler.

The WGN-TV mobile unit, a television studio on wheels, will be used to relay the entire show from the W-G-N studios to the WGN-TV transmitter, where it is to be put on their air.

© Chicago Tribune, April 5, 1948

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