Suits Promised
Rockford, IL. July 2 [Special]
--Rockford's 300-pound sheriff, Kirk S. King, who threatened Sunday to don a hogshead and to picket the office of price administration because he had been unable to buy a summer suit big enough for him, received some help today. He found a hogshead on the jail steps, crawled into it, walked to the ration board office, and talked with clerks there. Back at the jail, a representative of a Rockford clothing store told King a suit was being prepared for him. Several Chicago stores telephoned offers to fit him.

Whether Sheriff Kirk S. King of Rockford must wear a hogshead or may get some new clothes was a subject of speculation among Chicago clothiers yesterday. Some said the garments could be had; others indicated their money was on the barrel.

Chicago sellers of men's ready made clothes and merchant tailors agreed that men's clothing, either King size or regular, is not plentiful.

United States Takes Most of Output

The looms are tied up with federal contracts for heavy woolens, and the mills are short 200,000 workers. Light weight woolens are especially scarce, the clothiers said.

A ready to wear store reported that summer suits are being received now, but in lots of only three of four of a size as compared with customary lots of 100. Another such store said it could fit Sheriff King from stock and took his name.

The clothiers are advising their customers to take good care of the clothes they have. One tailoring house official said there was no reason to expect conditions to improve within 18 months.

Offers to Join Picket Line

Dick [Two Ton] Baker, W-G-N radio entertainer, said he would be glad to join Sheriff King's proposed group of fat men to picket the OPA.

But State Sen. Peter P. Kielminski [D., 15th], who is assistant superlntendent of the Bridewell, said his only trouble in getting clothes for his 360 pound frame is being able to pay for it. Everything must be made to order.

A mere woman, a buyer, suggested: "Let 'em suffer and reduce."

© Chicago Tribune, July 3, 1945

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