Will Lead Purchasers at State St. Center

Mayor Kelly will open Chicago Day in the 7th war loan drive at noon today, when he and five members of his "cabinet" will walk the red, white, and blue Victor trail at State and Madison sts. to buy bonds at the State Street Council's Mighty 7th center.

Those who will join the mayor in buying bonds from Lawrence F. Stern, chairman of the local war finance committee, are Police Commissioner Allman, Corporation Counsel Hodes, Controller Epham, Fire Commissioner Corrigan, and Health Commissioner Bundesen.

To Reenact Flag Raising

The raising of the flag on Mount Suribachi will be reenacted by marines. Sgt John F. Reilly, who wears the bronze star and Purple Heart, will be narrator for the famous Iwo Island scene. A band from the Glenview naval air station will play and famous personalities will sell bonds.

Individual war bond sales in the drive reached $101,194,000 at the close of business Thursday, Stern said yesterday. This includes pay roll deduction sales which began April 9 and represents 30.9 per cent of the individual quota of $327,474,000 for Chicago and Cook county. The campaign closes June 30.

Will Make Special Canvass

Two squadrons ot 300 men each will make a special canvass beginning today for the Advertising Men's post, No. 38, of the American Legion. The six companies composing each squadron will be captained by six World War I veterans and six veterans of the current war. Hal Wagner, post commander, is in charge. Masons will be urged to buy more bonds tonight at a meeting of Northern Lights lodge by William H. Green, advertising executive and Masonic leader.

Tribune writers, artists, and cartoonists and W-G-N radio stars will take over the State and Madison show at noon tomorrow in a unique presentation led by Philip Maxwell of the Tribune editorial staff.

Arch Ward, sports editor and conductor of the "Wake of the News" column, will speak, and Hobert Cromie, ace war correspondent just back from Europe, will tell of his adventures. Two Tribune comics will be created for the crowd as Chester Gould, creator of Dick Tracy, and Stanley Link, author of Tiny Tim and Ching Chow, draw their characters.

Claudia Cassidy, music and drama critic; Charles Collins of the Line o' Type column, Bob Becker, outdoor editor, and Marcia Winn of the Front Views and Profiles column will speak

In addition to many other featured Tribune writers, W-G-N's dance band led by Robert Trendler will play, with "Skip" Farrell singing. "Two Ton" Baker will present a novelty act. A special booth will be set up for the sale of bonds to members of the Dad to GI Joe clubs who have sons or daughters in the services. The idea was suggested by The Tribune on April 21 and has been given national prominence.

© Chicago Tribune, May 28, 1945

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