The story of the Hallicrafters company's contribution to winning the war will be told on the broadcast of America Unlimited over W-G-N at 9 p.m. tomorrow. The company makes communications equipment.

Hildegarde, noted songstress and pianist, will be featured on the program. Bruce Foote and Virginia Haskins, who sing on the Chicago Theater of the Air, will contribute to the broadcast.

The story of Hallicrafters' SCR 299, mobile radio station of the signal corps, which has been used on many beachheads and battle fronts, will be told on the broadcast. SCRs are built on trucks, tow their own power plants on a trailer, and have a world-wide reach. War correspondents have used them all around the world.

W-G-N and the Tribune are cooperating with the army, navy, and top priority war plants in presenting this series. After the broadcast the audience at Medinah temple will be entertained by Songstress Judy Starr, Dick [Two Ton] Baker, and Manny Opper, stage and radio favorites.

© Chicago Tribune, April 1, 1945

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