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The Crosley-Bendix shows, on transcription disc, were five-minutes shows with a song and a plug for an appliance. The E-Z Time and Kerr-McGee ads were found on tapes in the Baker archives in 2006; it's not known when they aired. The 76 spots, also on transcription disc, presented clever musical jingles, most based on familiar tunes, touting the virtues of 76, a lemon-lime drink made by the American 76 Company of Skokie, Illinois. A Sentimental Journey with Two Ton Baker was a 1972 stereo LP reissue of some of Two Ton's best 45 rpm sides for Sunny. The 17-minute Schaden interview, by telephone, appears to be the last recording of Two Ton Baker. The Crosley-Bendix Shows
1. Dude Cowboy
2. You Belong to My Heart
3. Crosley closing theme
4. My Heart Can't Keep a Secret
5. Here Comes a Bluebird
6. Bendix closing theme
7. More Facts...Duomatic
8. Super Fast Dryer
9. Bendix ad closing

10-11. Spots for E-Z Time Steam Ironing Fluid

The 76 Spots
12. Big Noise from Winnetka
13. Sunday Barbecue
14. The Old Chisholm Trail

15-16. Spots for Kerr-McGee Oil Co.

A Sentimental Journey with Two Ton Baker
17. Sentimental Journey
18. Love Medley
19. I'm a Lonely Little Petunia
20. Too Fat Polka
21. "If I Could Be with You" Medley
22. "Red Roses for a Blue Lady" Medley
23. "For Me and My Gal" Medley
24. "Pretty Baby" Medley
25. "Silver Dollar" Medley
26. Eddy Howard Time
27. Ted Lewis Time
28. Satin Doll (instrumental)

Interview by Chuck Schaden
29. "Those Were the Days" show, May 2, 1972

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