On the Radio

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The 15-minute Mutual shows were relayed around the country from Baker's home studio at WGN in Chicago. The 5-minute "Tune for Today" spots, from transcription discs, contain a 60-second musical interlude for local announcements or commercials. "Your Favorite Songs," also from transcription discs, were two-minute songs with just a brief introduction. "Disc Jockey" is a 16-minute segment for an early-morning show for WGN, probably 1957 or '58. The weather forecasts come from another transcription disc with Two Ton giving 31 different versions of the "local" weather forecast. Shows on the Mutual Broadcasting System
1. August 1, 1947
2. August 5, 1947
Tune for Today
3. Bonaparte's Retreat
4. Maria Elena
5. Keep Your Eyes on the Stars
6. There's a New Moon Over My Shoulder
7. There'll Be Some Changes Made
Your Favorite Songs
8. Bounce
9. People Like You
10. Two Ton the Morning Disc Jockey
11-25. Dick Baker Weather Forecasts

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