At the Lake Bluff Children's Orphanage
March 1945


"My name is Kraig Moreland. I'm doing a film documentary on a children's orphanage that was in Lake Bluff Illinois from 1894 to 1969. I interviewed a 73-year-old yesterday who grew up around the orphanage because both her parents worked there. She told a story of Two Ton Baker during the interview. I guess he would come and entertain the kids at the orphanage. I've found some pictures of this in a scrap book at our historical center, [which I've attached]....

"She also told a story that the kids were invited for a special show and one of the girls from the orphanage was invited by Two Ton Baker to come up on stage and sit on his lap. Her reply, 'No.' And he replied back, 'No? Why not?' and she said, 'Because your tummy is already sitting on it.'"

The performance shown here was on March 10, 1945, at the Lake Bluff Orphanage 50th Anniversary party. The entertainers were, besides Two Ton Baker, Wally Maz--the clown, Lee Phillips--magician and Dick Good--doubletalk and general entertainment.

Two Ton at the orphanage

Two Ton at the orphanage

Two Ton at the orphanage

All photos courtesy of the Vliet Museum of Lake Bluff History.

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